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This ride is about people, about helping people. Especially now, with the budget cuts the agencies are facing -- much more money needs to be raised so that people can get the help they need.

And I would still like to repeat the "top fundraiser" performance of a couple of years back I know things are bad out there economically, and most people I know are wondering if they'll have a job this time next year -- imagine how much worse it is for persons with AIDS & the agencies who try to help them. Please donate if you can.

Yes, my goal is crazy big. But the need is bigger, and crazier - especially since the budgets are so frightening. If you know someone who works at any social services agency, ask them how things are. Lots more people need help and the deep pockets aren't out there this year. So, please, if you can give $5, do. And if you have a friend who can give $5, ask them. If enough of us folks without deep pockets give, maybe we can make up for what isn't coming from the deep pockets. Thank you!